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The Microbial Ecophysiology Lab focuses on understanding the regulation of cellular processes in methanogenic archaea and their actual role in free-living environments and host-associated microbiomes. Why? Because currently archaea diversity is analyzed principally at the (meta)-genomic level, providing valuable information on their metabolic and ecological potential; however, a comprehensive understanding of their physiology and regulation is necessary.

Our fantastic team uses omics analysis combined with detailed functional characterization of proteins, cofactors, and metabolites to further our understanding of the regulation of cellular processes and ultrastructure in archaea, as well as their ability to interact with other organisms and survive under stress conditions.

Through this comprehensive approach, our team works on topics with ecological, biomedical, biotechnological and astrobiological applications (e.g., production of unusual proteins and metabolites, drug resistance and detoxification, and mitigation of global warming through carbon sequestration), as well as strategies of microbial isolation, Metabolic Pathway Engineering, Metabolic Modeling and Protein Directed Evolution.

Have you noticed that some labs generate a lot of waste that is not recyclable? Our goal is to run an eco-friendly lab, where all members use strategies to reduce waste, reuse materials and limit the use of plastics, dyes and non-recyclable material (when possible). This strategy will help us reduce costs and have less negative impact on the environment.

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Logo for Microbial Ecophysiology Lab

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